We have had a number of calls over the last month from people who have been called from companies claiming to be from Microsoft or Talk Talk. The scam is the usual routine of getting you to open event viewer and showing you all the errors. They then log in to your computer and usually try and distract you while opening up the Syskey program and putting a password on your machine. Once this is done you will not be able to log on to your machine again. They then try and charge you sums of up to £ 300 to ” fix” the machine. If you get a call like this hang up immediately and do NOT let them connect to your computer. I myself took a call like this recently and I let them connect just to see what they would do and I can tell you they are fast at locking your computers


Microsoft or Talk Talk or other similar companies will NEVER phone you about this it is 100% scam

Scammers calling pretending to come from Microsoft or Talk Talk